It’s 2050 and Bitcoin has completely failed (A cautionary tale):

It’s the year 2050 and I can now confirm that bitcoin has completely failed. Where are we? Well, bitcoin is currently trading at about 5,865,098 of what would have been the USD. I can confirm that the USD itself also didn’t make it (apparently money doesn’t grow on the Magic Money Tree) and sats are […]

Bitcoin – A value investment perspective

I don’t know who I like trolling more; nocoiners, libertarians, liberals, Tesla shorts, or value investors. Today I’m going to have some fun at the expense of value investors. It’s a bit of payback for all the value investor stabs they give bitcoiners, like: Bitcoin is a bubble Tulip mania It doesn’t produce any cash […]

Meme the Cape to independence. (A low IQ take on bottom-up movements)

Two themes that I believe will grow in popularity even more over the coming years – two themes that wholeheartedly ascribe to – are bitcoin and localism. Whether the two political movements – both are political movements – are diametrically opposed to one another (the one being an essentially globalist movement, the other an increase […]

Money put too simply

Few books have done as much damage to human understanding in recent times as the book by Yuval Harari called Sapiens. The idea that phenomena as complex as money and religion can be boiled down to the explanation “they are just stories we tell ourselves in order to organize better,” is as catchy as it […]

When all the communists think it’s a good idea…

When I read of COSATU’s plan of using the PIC’s (Public Investment Corporation) funds to pay down some of Eskom’s debt, I thought it was a great idea that they are using state employees pension’s to help alleviate the fuck up that is Eskom (a state owned entity). That was until I thought to myself […]

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