Is SF Model even falsifiable?

If we look at the above chart, we have to admit that it has all the characteristics to make a great bitcoin meme. In essence, this chart says, “Number go up, 98% accuracy.” And underneath the hood of this meme is some extremely difficult math that I have no idea how to read, never mind […]

Reserve Bank shining light

Who’d have thought that the only sane central bank governor would be the one at the head of South Africa’s Reserve bank. I salute you Mr. Lesatja Kganyago for being the only pillar of light and reason in the world of central banks gone crazy on the Keynesian Kool-Aid. It’s sad that you won’t last […]

This is not QE…

Some more gold from the Americans: This is Fed Chairman Jerome Powell telling us that buying treasury bills isn’t QE because they’re buying short-dated assets and not long-dated assets. An excerpt from the article: Mr. Powell emphasized that the coming moves are aimed at maintaining a firm grip on very-short-term lending rates—and not to provide […]

Sevexity update – 09/10/2019

This week a Keynesian Nobel Laureate (does this still mean anything?) economist tried to sell you the idea that debt is simply money we owe ourselves by classifying the whole human race under a collective “WE.” As if debt isn’t simply debt owed by some group of people to another group of people and if […]

Bitcoin and the Luddite line

I’d like to introduce you to what I call the Luddite/Technologist line. Or simply, the Luddite line. To explain the Luddite line I only need to explain the two extremes, which are already quite self-evident. On the one extreme you have the Luddite. The Luddites were a secret oath-based organization of textile workers in England […]

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